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Really good school grounds welcome, engage, encourage play and are accessible by all. Offering opportunities for relaxation, exercise, learning and social interaction with friends to the pupils.

Good school grounds are inspiring, delivering well-designed spaces for learning and living, and an embodiment of the school’s values.

As budgets get tightened outdoor spaces can be used for a range of cost effective sustainable outdoor learning, play and creative use, all of which contributing to a child’s/young person’s development and educational experience.

Since 1994, Petrow Harley has been working with primary and secondary schools, with a focus on special needs schools, designing and creating outdoor educational and play spaces.

With our vast experience of the educational sector, we are able to transform a school’s grounds into a mix of vibrant, rich and exciting spaces. Past projects have included accessible and inclusive play areas, musical spaces, growing gardens, outdoor classrooms, camp out spaces and sensory areas to support and enrich the school curriculum.

Working with schools to develop a unique outdoor learning environment.

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Carefully designed open public spaces can help to encourage the local community to use local parks and play grounds for more outdoor activities, a casual stroll, a game of football, teaching children ride a bicycle through or enjoying a family picnic on a sunny afternoon.

As well as encouraging exercise, by applying crafted landscape design the open space can help in stimulating learning from nature for example by introducing a sensory gardens, growing garden, perfumed planting, wildflower meadows, creating features that will encourage its visitors to stop and enjoy the space, and perhaps even taking a photo to share their experience with friends and families.

Outdoor spaces can help boost exercise and encourage learning from nature - all of which that be can be beneficial and therapeutic to every age group. Leisure environments are intrinsically related to landscape design whether natural or urban with the local community seeking out these spaces for their free time.

The Petrow Harley team has had the opportunity of planning and designing across a wide range of parks, public open spaces, community gardens, libraries, adventure golf, skate parks and play areas. We craft designs that capture modern-life, respond to the physical attributes of the site and take on-board the local community’s requirements.

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With an emphasis on outdoor living today Petrow Harley understands the importance that creating beautiful outdoor spaces can bring. The outdoor space can act as an extension to the indoor living, encouraging everyone to spend more time outside by using the space for both relaxation and entertainment.

No matter what size of garden, small or large, its about maximising every space and creating that an impact. Using hard and soft landscaping design along with clever planting schemes to create beautiful multi-functional spaces that can be shared with friends and families.

At Petrow Harley, we fully understand that its essential to acknowledge the site’s specific attributes before any planning can start. Listening and working with our clients’ we will

  • Understand what makes your development special
  • Develop the vision for your development
  • Create a unique, distinctive environmentally sustainable development
  • We can include arboriculture and ecology as one package

Good design does not have to cost a lot and it will pay dividends, by bringing in a landscape architect early into the project we will identify any environmental issues and constraints and work with you to plan your project that will maximise your outdoor space its full potential.

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