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News Release

3 May 2018

Petrow-Harley provides LVIA for a Planning Inquiry Appeal.

Robert Petrow, director at Petrow Harley, recently provided expert evidence at a planning inquiry appeal.

The inquiry was for an appeal site within a countryside location within the Stockbury Valley at Stockbury, Maidstone. The site lies within two landscape policy areas (AONB and SLA), both of which had been designated in recognition of their local and national importance, to ensure that any special qualities were protected.

Petrow-Harley, prepared and provided a LVIA and Proof of Evidence to address the Landscape and Visual Impacts of the existing development and included:

  • Landscape and Visual impact
  • Impact on adjacent dwellings
  • Impact on adjacent public rights of way

The Planning Inquiry Appeal is still on-going and awaiting decision

Petrow Harley - Outside view Stockbury Valley
Petrow Harley - Outside view Stockbury Valley 2